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Enneagram Connections is your resource for learning deeply about the Enneagram in ways you can put into meaningful practice.

We are excited about building a community of fellow travelers and hope you are ready to join with us and other like-minded explorers who know there’s more to life than what our patterns tell us.

Why do I keep getting in my own way?

Simply, because it’s hard to stop what we have been consistently doing, thinking and feeling for most of our lives.

Our habits are well worn and feel comfortable to us.  Our personality patterns are automatic and deeply grooved; they support our sense of security until they are challenged. This usually happens when we find that our previously useful-seeming approach to life is creating problems for us or for others. 

It’s not your fault that your program runs you without your permission. Each Enneagram style has predictable strengths and predictable challenges that point the way toward growth.

We believe through using Enneagram-specific, experiential practices you will come to know yourself and your blind spots better, and to recognize the triggers and reactions that prevent you from living your full potential. As we loosen these habitual patterns, we begin to experience more freedom, choice, fulfillment and authenticity.

Beyond "What's Your Type, Baby?"

You are far more than your personality patterns. Beyond "What's Your Type, Baby?" is a video series where you will learn to identify your patterns and also understand the opportunity of moving beyond them. The Enneagram is more than a cute party-trick personality typology. It has the potential to radically leverage your self-awareness and transform patterns that keep you from your best life.

You're more than you think you are

You have great potential for personal and professional transformation waiting to be developed.

Come discover what’s possible when you journey in this rich territory with us!

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