What is Enneagram Connections?

Enneagram Connections is a collaboration between Renée Siegel and Sarah Dimock. 

We aim to help people access the power and potential that the Enneagram can bring to our lives- in our personal development and all our relationships.


Group of friends at the park holding hands and rise up to the sky.

After meeting several years ago at an International Enneagram conference, we began to explore some ideas with one another. Appreciating one another’s styles (a Type 2 and Type 9 – that’s easy), perspectives and worldviews, we’ve been drawn to continue our collaboration for years now.

Our initial and signature collaboration is an Introduction to the Enneagram, a video series called Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby?” There are many great Enneagram Introductions out there, but we sought to create one that represented how we worked with deepening our own experience of ourselves and others. We wanted our introduction to be both thorough and concise, holistic and appreciative. Our intention is to lay a solid foundation, exploring how we develop type and understanding that we are so much more than our patterns or personality.


Sarah and Renée have over 40 years of combined Enneagram experience both personally and professionally. They are both therapists and coaches and the Enneagram is central to their practices and to their lives, offering robust clinical and personal applications. Each is an interdisciplinary thinker, understanding and accessing the “big nature,” depth and potential of the Enneagram.

Valuing the traditions of longstanding Enneagram teachings and teachers, Renée and Sarah have chosen to stay aligned with those teachings, knowing the Enneagram is powerful and should be used with care and integrity. Each is an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association and a Certified Teacher in the Narrative Tradition.  Enneagram Connections challenges common assumptions many have about personality, what it is, and the purpose it serves.


Renée Siegel

Renée Siegel has been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 40 years. Due to her desire to work holistically with others, she continues to pursue and integrate education, licenses and certifications to address the body, mind and spiritual health of those she serves. She was introduced to the Enneagram about 20 years ago. It became the hub of her practice. She calls the Enneagram “A Game Changer.” In addition to her private practice, Renée is a published author and teacher/trainer of the Enneagram, Addictions, Relationships and Wellness.

You can find more information about Renée and her work at www.urpurepotential.com

What they say about her:

“Renée worked with me and my husband to find more effective ways to communicate with one another. We found out that we were speaking different languages and taking so many things personally. We identified that our Enneagram patterns and our love languages are really different too. I may need a tune up and so might my husband. If we do, we will contact Renée again.”

Sarah Dimock

Sarah Dimock has been working with the Enneagram personally and professionally for over 20 years.  She loves helping people live the lives their souls have been longing for.  Owner of Ninesight – Enneagram for Transformation, Sarah teaches and writes about the wisdom of the Enneagram, and integrates it into her work in counseling, coaching, and groups. With Masters degrees in Education and Counseling, Sarah strives to bring the Enneagram alive in ways that are both practical and profound.  

For more information, visit ninesight.com.

What they say about her:

"Sarah was able to help us translate what our types are trying to express to each other. She helped us to interrupt our patterns so that we can move forward with better communication.  Through this, we’ve been able to ground ourselves in our strengths, and more easily forgive our weaknesses while we learn to share ourselves with each other more openly.  We would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels stuck in patterns of behavior.  She is warm, thoughtful, encouraging, and a skilled listener."


Beyond "What's Your Type, Baby?"

You are far more than your personality patterns.  Beyond "What's Your Type, Baby?" is a video series where you will learn to identify your patterns and also understand the opportunity of moving beyond them. The Enneagram is more than a cute party-trick personality typology. It has the potential to radically leverage your self-awareness and transform patterns that keep you from your best life.

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